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Language :

French is understood by almost the entire population. There exist differences in the vocabulary used, and in the expressions that one can call “Senegalese French” which are a mix of words put together playing with images and metaphores. A nuance to discover!

However, other national languages also exist and they correspond to the various ethnic groups present in certain areas.
“Wolof”, is the most common language, but Sere, Mandingue, Diola, and Poular, etc… are also spoken among others.

Greeting people is very important and learning the essential words is therefore a must. The country being 99% muslim, people will say “salam malaikum” and the answer is simply “ maleikum salam”.


Money and currency:
The CFA Franc :

Senegal belongs to the African Financial Community (CFA) zone. The CFA franc is tied to the value of the Euro (1 euro = 655,957 FCFA)

Cash is mostly used in paying in Senegal. IN CFA francs or in Euros.

Bring your credit card or ATM card since it can be used to get money at various banks.


If you need to make transfers of money, Western Union has a well developped network throughout the country. The French Post Office is their representative.


Time zone :

Senegal is on GMT time. Time difference with France is 2h during the summer and 1 hour during the winter.




220 volts. Plug with two round prongs as in France.

You might experience some black outs so we recommend that you bring a flashlight.

Telephone and internet

The country code is 221
The telephone system works well. Our lodge has installed the telephone in all the rooms. You can call, within the comfort of your room, anywhere in Senegal or even internationally. You can also connect your laptop to the Internet from your room.


To call other countries from Senegal you need to dial the country code:

France (33) + the number (without the initial 0). Belgium (32), Switzerland (41), Canada (1), Netherlands (31), Luxembourg (352).

How should you dress ?

The climate is hot year round, so plan on light and ample clothing.
In Senegal, what one wears is very important since it represents a sign of respect. So, In order to respect the local customs, keep in mind that a neglected look or dressing down can shock the locals. Avoid any clothes that would reveal too much or be very short.

Bring sandals, flip-flops, and tennis shoes for sports activities.

A small jacket or light sweater is necessary for the cool evening from December till May. A rain jacket is necessary during the Don’t forget your bathing suit and your beach towel, a back pack, sunglasses, hats, baseball cap…

culture au Sénégal

To move around ?

You can use local indivdual taxis, or group taxis, an ox-cart, bicycles, etc.

We can organise transportation and visit for the excursion you will have chosen and coordinate visits with our partners. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We can also arrange for car rentals with a driver. We do not recommend renting a car without a driver if this is your first time in Senegal. The road can be full of surprises and even dangerous. The driver can avoid those traps and situations and will serve as your local guide.

transports au Sénégal





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