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The closest pharmacy and health center are only 300 meters away.
Health :

As in any tropical region, good hygiene is not only important but makes sense: wash hands often, do not bathe in still water, wash fruits and vegetables with clean water. Only drink bottled water to avoid the “tourista”.

If you end up getting it anyway, reduce the consumption of vegetables and fruits and intead eat rice.
Take the medicine you brought and hydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water or cola (Pepsi or Coke). This is not a joke, but for infants still using bottle, you will have to eliminate the bubbles by shaking the soft drink before serving.

l'eau au Sénégal
le soleil au Sénégal

Remember to take insect repellant but if you have forgotten in France creams or lotions, do not panic, the shop house and pharmacies are well stocked. You will also find coils and mosquito bombs.

Malaria :
Malaria is present in Senegal, so it recommended to be on an anti-malaria prescriptin during your visit.

Vaccines :
The yellow fever vaccine is not mandatory but strongly recommended. Always have all your vaccines up to date (Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio)

Hepatitis A and B vaccines and Cholera are not mandatory.

Because of its geographic position, the sun in Senegal is probably more aggressive than where you will be coming from. Bring sunscreen for your protection and in the event you get a sun burn it is recommended that you bring some Aloe or an equivalent soothing lotion.
Bring hats and sun glasses.

le climat du Sénégal
In addition to products against mosquitoe bites and the effects of the sun,
the Anarcadier lodge recommends that you bring:
  Analgesic –antipyretic Aspegic, doliprane, dafalgan  
  Antispasmodic Spafon lyoc  
  Antidiarrhea medicine Arestal, ercefuryl 200  
  Antiinflammatory cream Locoïd, diprosone  
  Allergy medicine such as Claritin/Benadryl Clarityne, zyrtec  
  Collyre antiseptic Biocidan  
Also bring a desinfectant, band-aids, tweezers, and small scissors.
Do not forget your prescription medicine.
Enjoy your stay!!





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